In almost every small town in America, everyone knows the owners of the barber shop and the auto repair shop. That is certainly true in White Salmon, Washington where Francisco and Sara Salazar are very well known as the owners of Paco’s Tire Service. Their shop is very popular for proving great service and a full selection of tires from small cars to huge farm tractors.

Normally humming and busy, Paco’s Tire Service was hit especially hard during the closures necessitated by the pandemic and the Salazar’s lost three employees who left the shop in the spring. A further problem occurred when tires became harder to purchase due to inventory slowdowns. Yet, in spite of this difficulty, Francisco and Sara are determined to do whatever they can to help their town and their neighbors recover.

“Now is the best time to Pass It On, because so many people need help,” says Francisco. True to that idea, Paco’s Tire Service is giving away a full set of tires to three families who have been impacted by the pandemic. With Columbia Bank paying the bill, the Salazar’s are hoping that their generosity can help members of the community and help spread the idea for other businesses to follow.