For many seeking refuge from the same old fast food fare, Nourish Boise provides a tasty and healthy alternative. “We provide the people of Boise with great healthy treats like smoothies, acai bowls and more,” says owner Ken Fearer, “but we also provide nutrition education and health coaches to help people reach their health goals.”

COVID-19 however, doesn’t discriminate between junk food and health food and Nourish Boise has been negatively impacted like all other restaurants. “We have lost daily traffic into the store,” says Fearer. “It’s forced us to reduce hours and staff.”

Yet the desire to give the gift of health perseveres and that is a big reason why Nourish Boise is partnering with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. Excited at the opportunity to give back, Nourish Boise is providing their delicious and nutritious food to those in need and Columbia Bank is picking up the tab. “We are Passing It On to our customers who may not have the money to purchase the food and coaching they would normally buy to be their healthiest selves,” says Fearer. “With Columbia Bank picking up the tab, we hope to provide customers with the healthy support they need in these difficult times.”