Specializing in estate planning, probate and business law, Northwest legal of Eugene, Oregon is a top law firm that also specializes in customer service. Among the highest ranked law firms via online rankings in Lane County, Northwest legal emphasizes a truly consultative approach with all its clients.

“While COVID-19 has impacted our business, it’s really been more about the negative effects on our clients,” says the firm chief partner, Jinoo Hwang. “Pandemic related delays in the court system have really amplified the emotions that many of our clients are dealing with, especially when you factor in the loss of a loved one for many who need our services.”

As such a client-centric firm, Northwest Legal is was the perfect partner for Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. That is why Northwest Legal is passing it on with legal help for a client in need, and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are providing services for a client who recently lost a loved one who didn’t have a will,” says Hwang. “We hope this will help slightly lessen the pain they are going through.”