For folks who fear going to the dentist, Newport Gentle Dentistry is a dream come true. “We recognize that going to the dentist is less than enjoyable for most,” says owner Dr. Randall Teich. “That’s why we see helping patients overcome that phobia by providing gentle service as our number one job. We work to make visits a good experience – one smile at a time!”

Due to the pandemic, Dr. Teich and staff closed the office for six weeks to build additional health systems into the office. When employees where away, Dr. Teich and others really worked to stay connected and help boost morale for the rest of the staff.

Now that the office is back open, Dr. Teich, is excited to not only resume day to day operations but to join Columbia Bank in passing it on by providing free dental services to a disabled veteran in need and Columbia is covering the bill. “This brave veteran has served our country, and, with Columbia’s support, we want to help provide much needed dental care,” say Dr. Teich. “We hope Pass It On catches on throughout the community.”