Mathew Didlake and the folks at Nehalem Animal Healing Center in Nehalem, Oregon are actually quite used to the concept of passing it on. “We are a small animal veterinary clinic, and we have a client who quite regularly will pay other customer’s bills when he sees a need,” says Didlake. “It’s really quite amazing.”

That kind of sentiment is in much need, around the world, and right inside the clinic. “COVID has cost us half our staff due to the downturn in business,” says Didlake. “We are only just now getting close to being back to full strength.”

Feeding into the spirit of his aforementioned client, Didlake is excited to partner with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. Inspired by his giving client, Nehalem Animal Healing Center is providing resources to a local animal shelter in need and Columbia Bank is covering the bill. “There is a local shelter called Animal Haven By The Sea and we are going to be passing it on to them,” he says. “The pandemic has adversely affected people and animals alike, so with Columbia Bank’s help, we will be able to provide resources to help animals in need.”