Aptly located on Crab Avenue in Netarts, an unincorporated area within Tillamook Oregon, sits Naveen’s Bayside Market and Deli. Combining regular deli food with Indian cuisine and delicious seafood, the market has been a local institution since the Malhorta’s – Naveen and Nidhi purchased the old Josi’s Market back in 2016.

Drawn to the small seaside town after living in bustling cities like New York, Chicago and others, Naveen and his wife Nidhi, have come to love Netarts and Tillamook. Their goal was always to own their own store and when the market became available, they jumped at the chance. The entire family works at the market and as they like to say, “we’ve lived in some of the largest cities in the world and we wouldn’t want to live any place else.”

While owning the market has been a dream come true, the last six months have been anything but dreamy. As with most small businesses on the tourist-dependent Oregon Coast, the Malhorta’s have struggled during the full and partial shutdowns necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The family has had to shutter much of the business since April and are hoping that as more of the region opens, they will be able to restart their business.

In the meantime, the family is helping the community by doing what they do best: providing food as a source of comfort and goodwill. Naveen and his family are actively participating in the Pass It On Project by serving up free lunches to first responders and providing gift cards to people throughout Netarts. With Columbia Bank’s help, the Malhorta’s are giving back to the community that welcomed them nearly a decade ago and helping the law enforcement and emergency workers who give so selflessly of themselves every day.