Since 1987, Munchkin University—a Redding, California-based daycare and preschool—has provided a safe and stimulating learning environment that spans generations. In fact, their families often include former munchkins who bring their own munchkins to the school to share the wonderful learning experience with the next generation. “We have many families at our center who came to Munchkin U as children who now bring their own kids,” says owner Dina Hutt. “What’s more, we even have some teachers who were graduates themselves more than 16 years ago!”

This legacy of care and education among multiple generations is the cornerstone of Munchkin University’s philosophy. “We believe we have the best teachers, children, and families throughout Shasta County because everyone strongly believes in our mission of focusing on the whole child and providing daily positive experiences,” says Hutt. “Passing it on and passing down care, understanding, and education is simply baked into everything we do.”

That commitment to local families is why Munchkin University gave an enthusiastic “yes!” when asked to partner in Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. With Columbia Bank footing the bill, Munchkin University is providing free tuition for a hard-working mother that could use a little extra help. “We are thrilled to be passing on financial support to a client of ours who is a single mother, working full time while attending college and raising her one-year-old daughter,” says Hutt. “We are so proud of this truly inspirational mother, and we cannot think of anyone more deserving of the generous gift provided by Columbia Bank.”