For William Dalles, owner of Mt. Angel Autobody in Mt. Angel, Oregon, working in the shop is more a labor of love than a job. “I still like to get my hands dirty, even though I am semi-retired,” he says. “Eventually, I’m going to pass the business on to one of my employees, but for now, I still really enjoy working on cars.”

Normally, one of the busier businesses in Mt. Angel, the pandemic put a real cramp in their operations. “We often have a backlog of repairs, but with COVID, we’ve had to really work to find jobs,” says Dalles. “It’s been tough on everyone.”

Perhaps no group has been more impacted than first responders and that is a big reason why Dalles and Mt. Angel Autobody are partnering with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On program. To help ensure they can get to where they need to go, Mt. Angel Autobody is providing discounted services for first responders and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “First responders have a really tough job, and that is why we are passing it on to them with discount repairs,” says Dalles. “With generous help from Columbia Bank, we will be able to offer services that some first responders might otherwise be unable to afford.”