While running a gravel and landscaping materials operation is dusty dirty business, there is one element of Morrison Gravel in Port Orchard, Washington that is absolutely beautiful. “We are restoring our early 1947 Dodge dump truck to original mint condition for our 75th anniversary,” says owners Ken and Charlene Morrison. “It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been serving the Port Orchard community for 75 years.”

The demand for home improvement services has also kept the couple busy during the pandemic. “It’s been really challenging keeping up with demand and helping our customers,” says Ken. “Further complicating matters has been the fact that so many supply chains have been disrupted during the past year.”

Knowing Morrison’s Gravel’s dedication to their community, the Morrison’s banker knew they would be a perfect for Columbia’s Pass It On Project. As a business that relies on international supplies, their work to help others is also taking on a global impact. That is why Morrison Gravel is providing supplies to a nonprofit in need and Columbia Bank is picking up the tab. “We are providing supplies and support to a local organization called One Less Orphan, which helps parentless children around the world,” says Charlene.