Helping customers become more environmentally sustainable is a big part of Monarch Energy Consulting’s business goal. An even bigger part of that goal is helping them save money. “It’s great fun to help my customers negotiate a good value,” says Mayra Monarch, owner of the solar and battery back-up consulting company in Redding, California. “I really enjoy hearing my customers say that our combine work led to a project that exceeded their expectations.”

While her solar consulting business was thriving in 2020, the pandemic however, came along and darkened her outlook for the remainder of that year and into 2021. “We lost sales because of a slowdown in construction and our inability to source materials due to shop closures,” “she says. “It’s been a challenge, but business is finally starting to brighten.”

As the company continues to emerge this year, Monarch is excited to partner with Columbia Bank Pass It On Project and help a customer in need. With Columbia Bank covering the bill, Monarch Consulting is providing free consulting services to a customer who needs a little extra help. “We are passing it on to a customer who needs site work completed on his property so he can install solar panels,” says Monarch. “With this generous gift from Columbia Bank, we are going to be able to help him get the energy system he needs.”