For the past 15 years, Kathy Wells and her son Derek have been busy keeping Tacoma moving. Their family-owned business, Metal Magic, specializes in automotive detailing, paintless dent repair, window tinting, wheel repair and other services that keep cars looking their best. Along with all the rewards that come from building a business, they take special satisfaction in knowing that they help keep drivers and their cars in good shape on the road.

Unfortunately, the pandemic put the brakes on their business. For the first time in their company’s history, they had to shut down. Unable to meet payroll, they laid off their entire staff. Knowing the toll that would take on everyone in their company, it was a heart-wrenching decision.

It was their customers who helped pick them up. Having often stopped by before the crisis just to say hi, talk shop or share some personal news, they continued to stay in touch, asking how they could help. Today, Kathy and Derek’s Metal Magic is back in business, doing what they can to keep their customers’ cars looking good.

And Metal Magic is paying it forward. With Columbia Bank’s help, Kathy and Derek’s crew are making needed repairs to a customer’s car so he can use it for his food delivery job, a way to make ends meet during the crisis. Metal Magic is making the repairs and Columbia Bank is picking up the tab. It’s lifting a financial burden for one of their customers, as well as lifting spirits for everyone involved. And it’s a wonderful way to move forward.