According to owner Wendy Marvin, 2020 has been akin to herding 100 cats while also trying to juggle. Not the easiest of tasks! Her company Matrix Roofing & Home Solutions is a general contractor specializing in roof and general home repairs. But 2020 hasn’t always been kind to them.

Wendy’s company has worked through myriad confusing COVID-19 safety requirements while also facing material and labor shortages. Still their morale remains high and the good will they’ve built in the community has kept the jobs coming.

Because of Matrix Roofing & Home Solutions reputation in the Vancouver community, Wendy’s Banker knew they would be a perfect partner for the Pass It On Project. Matrix Roofing & Home Solutions is partnering pwith the local Veteran Administration to provide free home repairs to 15 families in need and Columbia Bank is picking up the tab. “More than ever, people need to know now that people care,” she said. “Having a roofing leak, or a home issue is scary and damages just grow with inattention. We want to bring a spark of hope to people who feel desperate and sad right now by completing their repairs and allowing them to focus their energy where it belongs, on their own health, and their families and friends health and happiness. Maybe even empower some of them to come along and help us, help others too.