Market of Choice is an Oregon favorite. It’s 10 grocery stores in the state sell more than 7,000 locally sourced products and employ 1,400 Oregonians. With full coffee service, bakery, and café, many of their stores are more than just places to buy food – they are community gathering spaces.

“Throughout the current health crisis, our teammates have become true heroes, working tirelessly to provide essential food and supplies to our communities,” says owner Rick Wright. “Despite the unprecedented times, they have stepped up and worked to maintain a sense of calm and caring.”

That sense of caring is why Columbia knew they would be a perfect partner for the Pass It On Project. Market of Choice is extending that care to the sport-playing youth of Eugene. “We are passing it on by purchasing hundreds of hand sanitizers for Kidsports, a local nonprofit providing youth sports programs for children from kindergarten to 12th grade and Columbia Bank is picking up the tab. In addition to Columbia Bank’s purchase, we are matching it with even more,” says Wright. “They have just begun resuming sports activities during the pandemic and hand sanitizers are going to be key in keeping everyone safe. We are helping ensure our children can once again play and have fun.”