Maloof Wines of Forest Grove, Oregon is a wine maker that crafts their own varietals from their estate vineyard and from other local farms. In addition to making the wine, the owners have a certain wisdom about their product and its place in these challenging times. “While it’s surely not easy to sell wine in this time of COVID, the good news is that for the most part, wine is patient and gets better with age,” says Ross and Bee Maloof.

This husband-and-wife operation has taken the long view during the pandemic and their business. “Yes, COVID has affected our sales and stopped us from getting our product in front of many customers,” but we generally feel lucky,” adds Bee. “We know we will bounce back, and we will be here to serve our customers when the times comes.”

In the meantime, The Maloofs are partnering with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project to convert wine into dollars to support families in Oregon. Maloof Wines is providing donations to key non-profits and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are passing it on to Classic Wine Auction and other nonprofits,” says Ross. “They auction wines to raise money for youth and family-based programs. With Columbia Bank’s help, our wines will go toward family’s who really need a helping hand.”