Los Tapatios Market sells choice cuts of meats to people throughout the community of Milton-Freewater, Oregon. Based on the traditional “carniceira” markets or butcher shops of Mexico, Los Tapatios is the place to go for spicy carne asada and other traditional favorites.

The pandemic has been very personal to owner Miguel Jiminez. “I had several of my regular customers come close to dying from the disease,” he says. “It is an awful sickness.”

When asked to participate in Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project, Jiminez was excited to jump on board. Jiminez wants to make sure that customers who are suffering from the other impact of the pandemic – financial hardship – are being helped. That is why Los Tapatios Market is providing bags of groceries to community members in need, and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “With Columbia Bank’s help, we want to make sure that some people get the food they need without worrying about the bill,” says Jiminez.