Lincoln City Animal Clinic is a full-service veterinary hospital that offers medical, surgical, emergency and dental services to pets throughout Lincoln City, Oregon. “We see our role as keeping pets healthy through loving care and compassion mixed with the latest technologies and procedures,” says owner Dr. Shanna Murphy.

When COVID-19 Hit, the clinic – whiled deemed an essential service – had to work quickly to modify their procedures, protect their customers and employees and become more efficient then ever. “It was crazy trying to reinvent our practice while being able to respond to all of our owners and patient’s needs,” says Murphy.

While the Clinic has remained open and fully employed, many of their clients were not so lucky. With an opportunity to participate in the Pass It On Project, Lincoln City Animal Clinic jumped at the opportunity. They are providing free care and treatment to pets of owners who have been laid off or negatively impacted by the pandemic. “We’ve always helped our clients in any way we can,” says Murphy. “With Columbia paying the bill, we are able to help even more for our clients who have supported us since we opened.”