Leather’s Fuels of Fairview, Oregon is a family run chain of fueling stations that sells both gas and diesel to the motoring public. While they adhere to small business family values, they are a growing operation with more than 120 employees and their own fleet of trucks to service all their locations.

The halt in business and travel really impacted their business for a few months. “With people working from home and not going on vacations, it really cut into our business,” says owner Lila Leathers. “But, now that people are driving more, business has picked up.”

Yet, Leathers knows that many people are struggling financially and so they are anxious to help in any way they can. Exited to partner with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project, Leathers knew exactly how to help. “We are passing it on by providing Shell fueling cards to an organization called My Father’s House and Columbia Bank is paying the bill,” she says. “They work with families in need throughout our community, so with Columbia Bank’s help, we will make sure that some folks will be able to fill up their tank and not worry about what it cost.”