It could be said that Emily Ridler, owner of Latte’ Daa drive-thru coffee stand in Spokane has coffee running through her veins. Since the age of 12, Ridler has been perfecting the art of brewing coffee she learned from her mother back in the day. “My mom taught at an early age that the job is really to try and brighten every customer’s day by serving them great coffee,” says Ridler.

Fortunately for Ridler and Latte’ Daa, the need for great coffee kept their drive-thru open during the initial stages of the pandemic. “We added several measures to ensure our employees and customers remain safe, and we’ve been extremely blessed to be able to continue operations, interact with our customers and just wait for normal to return,” says Ridler.

That drive to continue operating and waiting for better days ahead takes, grit, determination – and caffeine. That’s why Latte Daa is passing It on by providing free coffee to the staff of Fairview Assisted Living in Spokane. “With Columbia Bank offering to pay the tab, we are giving away free coffee to the great folks at Fairview who help care for our loved ones and those most vulnerable in the community,” says Ridler.