Klahaya Animal Hospital in Snohomish, Washington is a small animal veterinary hospital with a big heart that provides critical care to animals throughout the Eastside of the Seattle metro area.

“The hardest part of the pandemic for us has been the fact that many of our wonderful clients have really struggled and many have lost their jobs,” says owner, Dr. Anders Thoreson.

Yet, typical of their big heart, Klayhaya Animal Hospital is looking to help clients with their pet needs in these challenging times. And, that is exactly why Columbia Bank knew they would be the perfect partner for the Pass It On Project. Klahaya Animal Hospital is providing free care to animals in need, and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “Some of our clients who need to care for their pets don’t have the money to do that right now,” says Thoreson. “With Columbia Bank’s help, we will be able to take that one worry off their plate.”