If you are ever in Redding, California and start to smell something truly appetizing on a Friday night, chances are you are near Kent’s Meats and Groceries. “We are a full-service grocery store specializing in quality meats and unique deli items,” says Kent Prfimmer who owns the business along with his wife Kathy. “But many of our regular customers also know us for our famous and mouth-watering Friday night BBQ.”

Such special weekend events are a true gift to the community, and the Prfimmers are big supporters of the place they call home. “We’ve been serving the Redding area since 1978, and we are always looking for ways to give back to the people and families who’ve supported us for more than four decades,” says Kathy. “We strongly believe that kindness sparks kindness, and we’ve seen that spirit passed on from one customer to another on a daily basis.”

Naturally, when the Prfimmers heard about Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project, they were all in. Knowing how the pandemic continues to impact people in their community, Kent’s Meats and Groceries are providing customers gift cards to their store and Columbia Bank is picking up the tab. “We both think it’s a wonderful act of kindness, and we can’t wait to pass on this incredible gift to the people who mean the world to us: our customers,” says Kent. “By passing on gift cards to our customers, we are giving folks a little extra help at a time when they can use it the most.”