For more than 20 years, Kaden Landscaping of Pasco, Washington has been installing landscaping for new construction throughout this burgeoning southeast Washington city. “It’s amazing how much Pasco has grown in the past two decades,” says owner Adam Swank. “We’ve been kept very busy by all the new building.”

Unfortunately, the pandemic has not been friendly to new construction and Kaden has felt the impact. “Our business has decreased significantly due to the Coronavirus,” he says. “It’s been tough for business, but even tougher to see how many in our community are struggling.”

Despite their own slowdown, Swank and team want to do whatever they can to help others and that feeling led them to Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. With a great idea in mind, Kaden Landscaping is providing free yard maintenance to a customer in need and Columbia Bank is covering the bill. “We are passing it on by creating a Facebook giveaway for two individuals who are in need of yard maintenance but can’t afford it,” he says. “With Columbia Bank’s assistance, we are going to make sure some folks can get the help they need.”