JNA Chiropractic is a true family business, right down to the name. “JNA are the first-name initials of all three of my sons,” says owner, Dr. Penny Domm. “They are the light of my life and when they were teenagers, they helped me design the logo of my business.” Today, JNA provides a holistic healing approach to patients including chiropractic manipulation, therapeutic massage and exercise, and acupuncture.

While challenging, Dr. Domm and team have weathered the pandemic by being extremely diligent in ensuring the office and staff are following best practices with patients. “We have taken sanitary practices very seriously – even before COVID,” says Dr. Domm.

Excited to partner with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project, Dr. Domm is extending protection to a particular patient as well. “Columbia Bank is paying the bill for services of a patient who has lost their job due to pandemic,” she says. “It’s my hope that with Columbia Bank’s help, we can lighten the load of this person.”