J&M Services of Vancouver, Washington, which provides natural gas and propane lines, exhaust ventilation and residential duct cleaning, is no stranger to adversity. “We started during the last big recession with just one van and one storage container,” says owner, Jeremiah Doty. “We struggled early, but through hard work, we’ve grown to become a successful business.”

Of course, the latest recession, brought on by the pandemic has caused more than enough adversity for everyone. “It’s been a real challenge,” says Doty. “We serve people in their homes, so the fear of the disease is something we must constantly deal with.”

As a business that knows how to survive, J&M is planning to help out wherever they can, and that is why Columbia Bank asked them to join in on their Pass It On Project. Therefore, J&M Services is providing free HVAC services to customers in need, and Columbia Bank is picking up the bill. “We are helping customers who’ve been really impacted by COVID and cutting them a break on duct cleaning,” says Doty. “With winter coming, we are going to use the generous support of Columbia Bank to make sure customers don’t have to endure cold snaps with inefficient heat.”