As an optometrist, Dr. Janani Lannin is passionate about eye health and helping people find the right vision options. “One might say that I help people see their best while helping them look their best,” says Dr. Lannin. “I work diligently to find the perfect prescription, fit and style for my patients.”

Dr. Lannin is rooted in the Redding, California community and looks to give back whenever possible. “This is a wonderful community and I hope that as we continue to move away from COVID, we all can work to make the lives of others better and better.”

That sentiment is at the very forefront of why Dr. Lannin’s decided to partner with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. Knowing that vision is an important part of someone’s health and well-being, J.K. Lannin, O.D. is providing eyewear to those that need a little extra support and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “I will be using this generous gift from Columbia Bank to help patients purchase much needed eyewear,” says Lannin. “There are many patients who can’t afford to buy new glasses and continue to wear outdated prescriptions or broken frames. With this gift, I can help many of these people obtain new glasses to not only improve their vision but improve their eye health.”