It’s quite possible that a flight attendant or train conductor or chef you’ve encountered in your travels may have learned their skills at International Air and Hospitality Academy of Vancouver, Washington. “We are a private career college that trains students in the airline, wind, rail, and culinary industries,” says owner Colleen Piller. “In our 41 years, we’ve trained and placed more than 35,000 students across the country.”

Of course, the pandemic has also ranged far and wide and has impacted the academy’s ability to train students. “It’s been hard to deliver our curriculum because we rely on in-person teaching,” says Piller. “We’ve really had to scramble to provide a hybrid approach to our classes so that our students from all over the country can still learn with us.”

Further, many of their students are facing economic hardship. That is why they were excited to partner with Columbia Bank and their Pass It On Project. To help their students in need, International Air and Hospitality Academy is providing essentials to their students and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We will be utilizing the Columbia Bank funds so our students can take care of many things like groceries, clothing and other essentials and really concentrate on their career development.”