For Dale and Jill Gonzalez, owners of Grocery Outlet of Ontario, Oregon, their mission is so much more than simply running a food outlet. “With our low prices, we are able to help the people in Ontario afford the food they eat,” says Jill. “We also donate thousands of dollars in groceries and money to help our local veteran advocates and also provide discount food to the local school district.”

The big hearts of the Gonzalez’s extend to their employees during the pandemic as well. As many folks transition to online shopping, the Grocery Outlet has been impacted because they are an in-person business only. Yet even with this decline in revenue, they have stepped up for their people. “We have been offering employees overtime to offset the wages of other family members who are out of work,” says Dale.

Continuing their local support, Grocery Outlet is joining Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project by providing food and support to the Malheur County Meals on Wheels program. “They provide both hot and frozen meals to families as well as holiday meals,” says Jill. “With Columbia Bank paying for the food, we are going to ensure that our neighbors and friends get the support they need.”