Genuine Smiles works extremely hard to live up to its name. As a family owned dentistry office that serves patients from little kids to grandparents, their goal is to do anything they can to make people smile. “We know that many people come to the dentist with apprehension,” says owner Dr. Jade Gan. “So, we are always looking for ways to change the mood from nervous to happy.”

What wasn’t happy was the delay in opening their new office due to the pandemic. “We were scheduled to open in March, but we had to push that back,” says Dr. Gan. “Due to the delay and reduced patients, we’ve had to limit our hours and number of employees.”

Now that the office is fully open, Dr. Gan and team are looking to help patients who might need a little extra help and jumped at the opportunity to join Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. “We are providing reduced cost services to individuals, families and even small business owners who have been affected by COVID and Columbia Bank is paying the bill,” she says. “One of our core values is community service, and with help from Columbia Bank, we are doing just that!”