It’s been quite the two and a half years since Sam and Amber Warren became the proud owners of Functional Medicine of Idaho. The Boise couple knew their community needed a different kind of medical provider — one that got at the root cause of their patients’ ailments as opposed to prescribing pills to tackle the symptoms. Their business has taken off, growing from 16 employees to 55 so as to meet the demand.

As Idaho natives, Sam and Amber care deeply about the health and well-being of their neighbors. It’s been with a sense of relief then that they’ve managed to keep their business open during the pandemic. While foot traffic did slow down the first few weeks of the outbreak, Sam and Amber quickly pivoted to telehealth in order to reach their patients at home. They discovered that, now more than ever, people are aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. And a business like Functional Medicine of Idaho is the kind of place that can get them on the right track.

Columbia Bank knew they had ideal partners in Sam and Amber for the Pass It On Project right away. Their shared commitment to improving and positively influencing the lives of those they serve made working together a no-brainer.

It didn’t take long for Sam and Amber’s staff to identify a single mother whose work as a doula had been significantly cut back because of COVID restrictions in hospitals. Functional Medicine of Idaho is matching the amount Columbia Bank is giving to provide free healthcare and support to someone in their community who has spent her entire life supporting others.