Located in Vancouver, Washington, Flourish: A Space for Dimensional Health offers an amazing amount of healing specialties all under one roof. From acupuncture, to herbal medicine, to physical therapy, to massage, the space is truly a remarkable part of the community.

While the pandemic did hurt some aspects of the business, owner Susan McCarthy believes they were somewhat fortunate. “We were considered an essential service, so we have weathered the storm fairly well,” she says.

Believing in the power of positive energy, McCarthy is excited to join Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. Flourish: A Space for Dimensional Health is providing free services and massages to people in need and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “There are many people negatively impacted by the pandemic and their stress level is too high,” she says. “With support from Columbia Bank, I’m going to be able to help even more people with the healing tools I have!”