It might sound impossible, but you can have donuts without the guilt – just ask Emily Knigge, owner of Fit Donut of Meridian, Idaho. “We never fry our donuts, and we use the best whole ingredients like coconut products, whole wheat, stevia, and more,” she says. “We give our customers something that is good for their bodies. Once, I was so touched to be able to serve a little boy with a specific liver disease who could not eat a regular donut. He lit up like a Christmas tree with delight!”

Of course, the pandemic has been anything but delightful for most restaurants. “It’s been really tough in terms of reduced business and the challenge of just trying to find supplies,” says Knigge. “We continue to fight and struggle, but we are getting through it with the help of our amazing community.”

Knigge and her team want to pay that community support forward and joining Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project is the perfect fit. “We are passing ot on by providing gift cards and boxes of donuts to businesses, gyms and charities,” she says. “The world and our community needs positivity right now, and with Columbia Bank picking up the tab, we are hoping to give away some healthy treats and put smiles on people’s faces.”