With clients as old as 102, and several in their 90’s, Feet Retreat of Bend, Oregon is a beacon of aid and relief to seniors throughout Central Oregon. Providing a full range of foot care for older customers, the team consists of registered nurses who provide all kinds of services within the home and in senior care and community centers.

For owner Dawn Unze, the pandemic isn’t as much about the decline in sales, but more about witnessing the adverse impacts to her clientele. “Some retirement communities can’t let us in due to COVID and I see the effects on the elderly who rely on our services and also our companionship,” she says. “Seeing this isolation really contributes to the overall negative impacts on my nursing team’s emotional well-being.”

Yet providing an essential service to her customers is part of Unze’s DNA, and that’s why she was excited when asked to participate in Columbia Bank’s Pass It On program. Feet Retreat is passing on free foot care for seniors and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are providing complimentary foot care services to a local mobile home park with many senior residents,” says Unze. “This facility allows us to visit, and with Columbia Bank’s support, we will make sure their folks get the foot care they so richly need and deserve.”