Everybody’s Brewing Company is more than just a place to grab a tasty pint and delicious food, says owner Doug Ellenberger. “We are kind of a hub in our community where locals and visitors alike enjoy a drink and a meal and great company.” Ellenberger and his team have developed a robust operation that both runs the brewpub, but also distributes their in-house beers to locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, Nevada and even Hawaii.

The pandemic had an immediate negative effect for Everybody’s Brewing as the mandated lockdowns forced the restaurant side of the business to shut down and furlough many employees. “Our employees were our main focus in this time,” says Ellenberger, “and we remained in constant communication, offering government resources as they became available, and paid eligible staff’s health insurance in full, so there was just one less thing for them to worry about.”

Everybody’s Brewing is Passing It On with food and gift cards to local nonprofit called CultureSeed, which provides aid and support to low-income youth in White Salmon. “We’ve supported them in the past and the work they do is so inspiring,” says Ellenberger. “So often, at-risk youth don’t get the help they need, and CultureSeed is helping to fill that void. Everybody’s Brewing is doing their part to try and help kids who need it most and Columbia Bank is paying the bill.