Evergreen Automotive is a bit different than what many might consider a traditional auto shop. Fully woman-owned and specializing in all-electric vehicles, the shop is a thoroughly modern business that provides outstanding service to a huge array of vehicles.

Deemed an essential service, the mechanics of Evergreen have continued to repair and serve cars and trucks throughout the pandemic. “While our sales are down, we’ve been fortunate to be able to continue to operate and keep all of our employees,” says owner Jennifer Stansfield.

Keeping folks on the road is the mission of Evergreen and they were excited when they were asked to be a part of Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project because they had the perfect way to help. Evergreen Automotive is providing free services to students at Fife High School and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “A lot of kids have it really tough right now, both with their own schooling and many having to work hard to support their families,” says Stansfield. “With Columbia Bank picking up the check, we are able to help students who need their cars for themselves and their families.”