For Dr. Steve Jung, owner of Eugene Eyewear, someone passed it on to him 14 years ago. Before he even established himself as an optometrist, his current landlord gave him a break to open up his practice in Eugene. “Mr. Steve Lee gave me a chance then, and he’s been wonderfully supportive of me and my practice ever since, “says Jung.

This support was also critical during the early stages of the pandemic, when Jung had to close the office for two months. Further, one of his long-time employees decided not to return after maternity leave making it tougher on the practice. Luckily for Eugene Eyewear, assistance from their landlord and longtime patients helped them weather the storm.

“I’ve received a lot of support over the years, and I’m excited to be able to Pass It On to someone else who needs help,” says Jung. “One of my longtime patients was laid off, and while they are transitioning to another career, I’m going to provide them a free exam and eyewear. I believe it is important, that when you get help, to turn around and help another person.”

Columbia Bank and paying the bill and Dr. Jung and Eugene Eyewear is Passing On the gift of healthy vision.