When Matthew Neale first came to Oregon as a newly-certified ophthalmologist, the previous owner of Eugene Eye Care passed on his vision and knowledge to Matthew. They were lessons not soon forgotten, as Matthew’s business specializing in cataract removal and eye diseases would face plenty of hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their office was closed for everything except emergency services, furloughing most of the staff in the process.

And yet, that gave Matthew time to try on a new lens and see how to best care for patients. With the office reopened, morale is high and patient satisfaction is up. Matthew’s staff, many of which have been with him for more than two decades, are excited to be back. It’s the perfect time to pass it on to someone in need.

That’s why Eugene Eye Care Associates is working with the local Lion’s Club to provide a cataract surgery to a person who was affected by COVID-19. “I hope that pass it on becomes a common phrase and every day you’ll hear of kind souls sharing what they can to better those around them,” Matthew said. “It means sharing knowledge, goods, and services with someone in need.”

Through the Pass It On Project, Matthew can help his community see the light of passing it on and Columbia Bank is paying the bill.