If you happen to see a long line stretching around the block in Tacoma, it might just be customers of eTc Tacoma, waiting for the shop to open. “We provide limited edition menswear,” says owner Perris Wright, “and our customer base is so loyal, they sometimes wait for hours outside the store so they don’t miss out on a new product we are releasing.”

The long lines were interrupted by the pandemic however, and Wright and team had to close the store for three months. “COVID completed halted our retail space, but fortunately our fan base stayed with us via our online service,” says Wright. “When we were able to reopen, they welcomed us with open arms!”

Wright and eTc want to extend that goodwill to others in the Tacoma community and were excited to participate in Columbia’s Pass It On Project. With Columbia Bank paying the bill, “We are Passing It On by designing and supplying Wooden City restaurant with branded facemasks,” says Wright. Like us, they had to close their doors for a while, and with Columbia Bank picking up the check, we are going to make sure their staff look great while welcoming back customers.”