Although partial to reds (“for almost a year, the entire shop was staffed by redheads), D’Vine Wine Bar of Kingston, Washington serves up outstanding wines of all varieties as well as small plates and live music. “When we started, we envisioned a retail gourmet food and wine shop, but our customers really wanted a place to enjoy fine wine and a great atmosphere”, says owner Micki Monroe. “So, we transitioned to what we are today, which is the only wine bar in North Kitsap.”

Unfortunately, COVID-19 doesn’t care about ambience and atmosphere. “The lockdown has been really challenging for us and so many other similar establishments,” says Monroe. “We were creative enough to transition to a more full-service restaurant in order to remain ‘essential,’ but every day is a new challenge.”

That creativity is now in play as they look to help out the community. As a partner of Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project, D’Vine Wine Bar is providing meals and resources to local community organizations, and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are passing it on to both the Kingston Food Bank and the Boys and Girls Club,” says Monroe. “By providing meals and in-kind resources to both organizations we believe we can help even more people in need and increase the value of Columbia Bank’s amazing gift.”