Catering to business professionals and patients with special needs, Down To Earth Dental not only provides great dental care, but they provide great accessibility for the community. “Unlike a lot of dental offices, we are open until 8 p.m. on the weekdays and even open on Saturday,” says owner Dr. Arnell Prato. “Additionally, we have staff who speak many languages as well as specialize in treating patients who are blind.”

What Down To Earth shares with other dental offices, however, is the hardship around the pandemic. “We were closed for three and a half months and we still are faced with a reduction in patients,” says Dr. Prato.

Despite these setbacks, Down To Earth was excited to join Columbia Bank’s Pass it On Project and is providing help to a particular patient who has fallen on hard times. “We are passing it on by providing free care to an individual who is really struggling,” says Dr. Prato. “This person has a lot of dental needs yet lost their job and insurance. With Columbia paying the bill, we are going to help them out and improve their life right now.”