Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in America, so a good pizzeria needs something extra to stand out. For Dough Boys Pizza of Vancouver, Washington, it’s their amazing homemade dough and sauce. “Our dough and sauce set us apart, but we also have some of the biggest breadsticks around, edible cookie dough and amazing wings,” says owner Sarah Daniels. “If you like to eat – you’ve come to the right place.”

Like other restaurants, Dough Boys Pizza has had to overcome significant hardship during the pandemic. “We’ve had very unstable inventory and it’s been especially hard to secure crucial staples,” says Daniels.

But, a quick survey of their loyal customers would determine that Dough Boys Pizza is an essential service. When Columbia approached them about the Pass It On Project, they had the perfect idea. Dough Boys Pizza is giving the entire town a free slice of pizza and Columbia Bank is picking up the tab. “The community has kept supporting us, and we want to show our great appreciation,” say Daniels.