Dickey Farms of Bingen, Washington is so historic that it is older than some US states. Founded in 1867, the farm is one of the oldest continuous family run businesses in the state. Growing seasonal fruits and vegetables, Dickey Farms runs its own store and ships much of its produce to Portland for distribution throughout the Northwest.

Resiliency is baked into the business plan of Dickey Farms. After all, it has survived two world wars as well as the Spanish Flu which created even more hardship than COVID-19. “The pandemic has been a struggle, but we’ve been able to remain open and serve our customers,” says owner Stanley Dickey. “At first it was hard to find the necessary PPE, but with help from a lot or organizations and friends we’ve been able to keep going.”

Farming and harvest festivals go hand and hand, and for Dickey Farms that is especially true this year. When asked to participate in Columbia’s Pass It On Project, Dickey knew just what to do. “We are providing a harvest festival for local children in White Salmon, Washington,” says Dickey. “We know Halloween is not going to be the same this year, so we want to ensure that our community children have some fun. With Columbia Bank helping to pay the bill, we are going to keep prices very low so many kids can enjoy a great Fall ritual.”