Offering the latest in medical technology including laser dentistry, periodontics, orthodontics and implants, the office of David W. Engen, DDS is your one-stop dental provider. Dr. Engen and staff are also particularly well known for working with children and helping alleviate any fear.

What was frightening however, was having to close the office for several months due to the pandemic. “It was very difficult and we had to completely overhaul our way of providing care,” says Dr. Engen. “However, since reopening, we’ve served 2,100 patients without a single case of COVID infection.”

Passing on this good fortune, Dr. Engen and staff are joining Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project by providing free and COVID safe dental care to a patient who has cancer and needs to have periodontal treatment before chemotherapy. “With Columbia Bank helping to pay the bill, we are going to help this patient in the time of their greatest need.”