If you’re a guy and walk into Craftsman Unlimited Haircuts, you might just think you’ve stumbled into “man cave heaven.” From the classic barber chairs, to the local craft beer, to the sports playing on your own flat screen TV, Craftsman is built for men who really want to enjoy themselves while getting a trim. A proud veteran-owned shop, Craftsman is a membership-based barbershop where you can get your haircut as many times during the month as you would like.

Like many businesses that require personal service in close proximity, Craftsman has struggled due to COVID-19 restrictions. “We had to shut down four of our locations and furlough staff,” says owner Cory Albertson. “We were also getting ready to open a new downtown location when the pandemic hit. It’s been extremely hard for us all.”

Yet like most veterans, Albertson is committed to overcoming challenges and helping others who have served and that is why he was eager to join in on Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. “We are proud to be passing it on by holding our 4th Annual Free Haircuts For Veteran’s Day,” he says. “There have been so many vets affected by COVID-19, and with Columbia Bank helping to pick up the tab, we will be providing free cuts, beverages, food and other freebies to say thanks for all they’ve done.”