Scott and Annette Delbridge have always made a great team.  They began thinking about a coffee shop in Molalla in 2008 but Scott was deployed to his second tour in Iraq with the Army in 2009 so the plans were put on hold.  In 2010, after Scott’s return they found an opportunity and began to build a drive thru coffee shop from scratch.  Both Scott and Annette worked the shop along with their three sons (Pete, Drew and Ty) and they employed locals from the area. Their hard work and sacrifice paid off and they opened a second location to serve as a sit-down location in 2018.

The COVID-19 crisis resulted in shutting down the second location completely for a period of time.  They noted however, “we are so blessed to have great employees who stepped up to keep the drive-thru open as well as fantastic customers who have continued to support us during our closures and transition.”

To honor our customers, Cowboy Coffee is supporting those same patrons with free coffee and random giveaways over a 10-day period. “We love our town and we believe we need to have an active role in our community. With Columbia bank paying the bill, we are Passing It On to the very people who have continued to support us,” says Scott and Annette.  We look forward to serving our community for years to come.