Since the 1980’s, Coastal Business Systems, headquartered in Redding, California has provided premier office equipment and technology solutions to California’s north coast community. “We work with large businesses as well as tiny one-person operations to help make their workflow more efficient,” says owner Mike Dominic.

That commitment to customers was not interrupted during the height of the pandemic. “We were able to continue to service our customers and continued to build relationships,” says Dominic. “Now that life seems to be returning to normal for our community, we want to pass on our good fortune in assistance to others who weren’t so lucky.

That is why Dominic was excited when asked to be a partner with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. Knowing the impact the pandemic has had on kids, Coastal Business Systems is providing equipment to a local school and Columbia Bank is covering the bill. “We are providing resources and equipment to a local school that has been negatively impacted by COVID”, states Dominic. “We feel a great responsibility to give back to our community and with Columbia Bank’s generous gift, we hope to help these students move past the challenges of the early days of the pandemic.”