Restaurants tend to come and go, but for longevity, great food and community, The Cloverleaf in Tacoma, Washington is nearly peerless as a local institution that traces its roots back 70 years. With world famous pizza, burgers, sandwiches, salads and “the coldest beer in town,” The Cloverleaf is still a community favorite.

That’s why, when the pandemic hit, it was so hard for everyone at The Cloverleaf because it had become a gathering place for multiple generations of families. “I equate it to being the star of a horror film,” says owner, Debbie Brese. “Not knowing if someone you know would be affected and not knowing when it would end.” Luckily, Brese and the entire staff were able to pull together to make reopening work for them and the community.

As a way of saying thanks to the customers and town they love, The Cloverleaf is joining Columbia Bank in passing it on by providing pizzas to St. Leo’s Food Connection. “I really applaud what they do for people in need and I’ve been personally supporting their efforts for 30 years,” says Brese. With Columbia Bank picking up the check, The Cloverleaf is helping make sure those who need it most are looked after.