Years ago, Cindy’s Café and Catering in Molalla, Oregon suffered a fire right in the middle of the Christmas holiday season. In addition to damaging the restaurant, all of owner Cindy Dishner’s decorations were destroyed. “Five months later, some wonderful people came to visit after we reopened and brought me an entire Christmas Village for decoration!” says Dishner. “From that moment on, I really knew the power of passing it on.”

After closing down initially from the pandemic, Cindy’s was able to reopen at about 50% of capacity. “Obviously, I’m used to challenges, but this has been hard for everyone in our community,” says Dishner.

Yet her desire to help others is undaunted. When Cindy’s banker approached her about joining Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project, she didn’t hesitate. “I’m going to be passing out gift certificates to customers and show them a little unexpected kindness,” she says. “I know many of these recipients will be seniors on fixed incomes, and with Columbia Bank paying the bill, I will be able to help show them what I saw all those years ago: the power of passing it on!”