Where can you go to get gas, an automatic or self-carwash, a dog wash, and groceries? If you live in Snohomish, Washington, you know exactly where to go – Chevron Gas & Carwash, owned by Ravi Wayse. “People are used to a combined gas station and carwash,” he says, “but they do look surprised when they can also buy groceries and give their dog a good cleaning as well!”

Despite their numerous services, business has been down for Wayse and team during the pandemic. “We have lost revenue and staff during this horrible time,” says Wase. “It’s also been a challenge to comply with all the restrictions, but we feel good about keeping people safe.”

Wayse also feels good about helping others, which meant that participating in the Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project was a very easy decision. Wanting to help the community with the resources they know best, Chevron Gas & Carwash is providing gas, groceries and car washes for customers in need and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are passing it on to numerous locations including a local food bank, pet shelter, and to some of our customers who are in real need,” he says. “With Columbia Bank generous gift, we are going to do our best to spread the support throughout our community.”