For cat lovers, there is no better place in Eugene, Oregon to bring your feline friend when they need medical care. “We are a cat-only veterinary clinic dedicated to providing exceptional patient-centered care,” says owner Dr. Patricia Shea. “Since my first year of vet school, I’ve been passionate about providing care for cats.”

Luckily, CatCare has shown its nine lives, by withstanding the worst of the pandemic. “Initially, we were really hurt by COVID,” says Dr. Shea. “It really impacted our business and we lost some employees, but we’ve been fortunate to rebound and have hired two great new team members.”

Moving forward, Dr. Shea and the rest of CatCare are looking to help others. Excited to be a part of Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project, Dr. Shea and team knew just the way to help. With Columbia Bank paying the bill, Dr. Shea says, “CatCare is providing critical free dental care for Bosco and Muffins and their deserving owners who really could use a break right now. The animal-human bond is so important, and with Columbia Bank’s help, we are going to make sure this client will be able to enjoy that for many years to come.”