Caribou Physical Therapy of Ponderay, ID provides full-service physical therapy and rehabilitation services to people of all ages injured at work or by accidents. While they only treat human ailments, the name of the clinic is derived from watching a four-legged species learn how to move on gangly limbs. “We named it Caribou because a co-worker’s husband and PhD student actually had a herd of baby caribou that would follow him everywhere,” says owner Paula Lund. “I loved seeing how goofy they walked!”

Watching goofy animals navigate icy terrain would be a welcome respite from the difficulties of running a business during the pandemic – especially one so dependent on human contact. “Financially, the clinic reduced its patient clientele by 80% during COVID-19,” says Lund. “We have not regained our previous footing yet, although we are slowly climbing up again.”

Despite their own struggles, Lund and team know that others are even worse off and that is a big reason why there are partnering with Columbia Bank’s Pass it on Project. Caribou Physical Therapy is happily providing support for local patients impacted by the economic issues caused by the pandemic and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are passing it on to our customers by reducing costs and even providing house-call services to those who can’t get to us,” says Lund. “Many of our patients can’t even afford the gas to drive to our clinic, so with Columbia Bank’s help, we will take our therapy to them.”