Like a place out of time, the Cabbage Patch Restaurant & Catering is a trip back to the early 1900s. This vintage location and real farmhouse type meals treat guests to amazing and hearty meals and award-winning deserts such as homemade pies and tarts.

The pandemic cares not, however, about nostalgia and Cabbage Patch has struggled with the shutdowns. “Our business has declined about 60% and initially we had to lay off staff,” says owner, Sondi McCutchan. “Luckily, we’ve been able to open outside dining and bring back some of our staff.”

Knowing the power of great food, McCutchan is doing what she does best to the people who need it most. Joining Columbia Bank’s Pass it On Project McCutchan decided, “I am passing it on by baking homemade pies and tarts and delivering them to first responders such as police, fire, healthcare workers and other folks who’ve kept working during the pandemic,” she says. “There are so many who have been on the front lines of this pandemic and with Columbia Bank picking up the tab, I want to support them any way I can.”